Franchisees: Strength in Numbers

While visiting an Extra Innings franchise location, I could not help but notice the giant map hanging by the front door.  All of the franchise locations were noted on this map, with a list beside the map of all of the locations.  Also noted on this list was the phrase "Strength in numbers". It made me think that really sums up the philosophy of franchise ownership.

Franchisees work as a team with the franchisor as well as with each other instead of being on your own. The successful franchise will continue to grow and become better known.  Look at Subway or Dunkin Donuts.  Their success is tied to the  number of units in the system and the brand thrives. Even if you have never owned a business, knowing you have a proven plan to grow your business and avoid pitfalls is extremely beneficial to your success. With the franchisor and fellow franchisees, you have a wealth of resources as close as an email or phone call. The vendors are more inclined to offer you better terms and buying power that would not be available as a single unit. 

Even with a system in place, there is always room for improvement.  Ideas can come from owners, employees or the franchisor. We should always be looking for new and fresh ideas to benefit the brand and the entire system. Remember...Strength in numbers.

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