About Us

Extra Innings started as a small 8,000 square foot facility in Danvers, MA in 1996. Soon after opening, it became clear to the founders that there was a substantial customer demand for a specialized indoor baseball/softball center that also sold equipment on the North Shore of Massachusetts. In 1998, the company moved into its current 18,000 square foot flagship facility in Middleton, MA.

In 2004, after six years of continual growth at the custom-built flagship location, the Extra Innings Franchise Company was formed to franchise this unique business model throughout the U.S. Now with 15 locations nationwide and continued strong growth, Extra Innings is looking for qualified candidates to join the team!

Training Centers


Anyone can practice sports on any dusty sandlot, in a garage, barn or basement. To really improve your skills, you need an environment that is conducive to intense learning and practice. This is just the type of environment that Extra Innings offers.

With our main focus being one-stop shops for all things baseball and softball. All of our sports centers offer year-round indoor practice facilities for players of all ages and ability levels with our multi-use tunnels and training rooms as well as a nationally recognized Pro Shop. Select Extra Innings locations also offer coin-operated indoor batting cages, strength and conditioning rooms, team sports programs, parent lounges and locker rooms.

Customers can use these facilities to practice independently or receive professional instruction individually or as part of a group. Extra Innings also provides a full slate of specialized baseball and softball training clinics for both players and coaches.

Owner Perspectives

The Extra Innings business model works because it provides you with a proven system for establishing a successful sports and recreation based business. All Extra Innings franchisees receive bulk discounts, buying power and key corporate partnerships necessary to excel. Franchisees also benefit from a comprehensive training programs, a robust web-based CMS/CRM system, 24/7 online support system, social and other marketing capabilities.

  •  Extra Innings provided the opportunity to own my own business. I probably could've done this on my own, but would not have been as successful.  


    Extra Innings Franchisee