• Do Extra Innings locations have exclusive territories?

      Yes! Extra Innings franchisees are awarded an exclusive territory which prohibits any other Extra Innings facility from being located within that area. 

      Territories are defined by a radius of at least 25 Miles and according to demographics and population, proximity to another Extra Innings, and overall presence in the area. New team members also have the option of purchasing more than one territory for future development at a discounted fee.

    • What competition exists in this industry?

      This is a relatively new industry that is experiencing rapid growth throughout the U.S. Many communities now have indoor baseball or softball facilities. Extra Innings is the national leader in this exciting new market and is growing rapidly. The Extra Innings Team executes a proven game plan, with the undeniable support of a national brand. These facilities are locally run and independently owned and operated, but also enjoy access to the knowledge, marketing and purchasing power of a larger experienced company.

    • What is the initial franchise fee for this opportunity?

      Upon receiving an offer to join the Extra Innings team, you will return the signed franchise agreement along with the initial franchise fee of $15,000. At that point, you have officially joined the team. You will have unlimited access to the company intranet site, “The Clubhouse,” where you will begin to learn the business months before you open your doors. Other team members including EIFC management, founders, and other franchise owners will help guide you on a daily basis. 

    • Are there any additional monthly fees?

      The Extra Innings team enjoys the latest in support technology and web services. Included in your monthly web services and technology fee of $175 per month is website updating and maintenance, social media development and maintenance, email services, marketing email address gathering and storage, and of course, unlimited access to our company intranet, “The Clubhouse."

      Franchisees pay a $300 flat fee into an advertising fund that is used strictly for advertising and marketing purposes. The collection of these contributions from each franchise location allows the team to purchase bigger ads and campaigns on a regional and national basis. Team members are directly involved in the choosing and placement of these ad campaigns. For facilities over 12,000 square feet, your contribution will increase $0.05 for each additional square foot.

    • How do retail prices in the Pro Shop compare to on-line, discount stores?

      Not only is our retail Pro Shop pricing is just as competitive as online discount stores as well as big-box stores, our purchasing power translates into bigger discounts and wider margins for you. Extra Innings customers become very loyal. Your Pro Shop provides them with the greatest selection of product, a demonstration area, the best price available and expert service that they cannot get online or in a box store.

    • What are the franchise's Internet capabilities?

      Extra Innings provides franchisees with a fully responsive website and content management system. In addition to a full slate of social media and web-based marketing capabilities. All franchise locations have their own social media pages, websites and scheduling software where their customers can register for and pay online for the clinics, leagues/programs, purchase gift cards and memberships. Franchisees are also provided with a dynamic email and social media marketing system that enables them to promote their facilities and programs directly to their customers in the most cost-effective manner available.

    • What do franchisees pay for monthly royalties?

      All Extra Innings franchisees pay the franchise company a monthly royalty. This is a flat fee of $1000 per month beginning the day that you open your business. Unlike most franchise companies, we do not take a percentage of your gross sales. Your monthly royalties are a fixed cost that pay for your continued access to the resources, infrastructure and support network we have developed to help you run a vibrant business. The more revenue you generate the more cash goes in your pocket. All franchisees receive a 50% discount on these royalties for the first six months of operation. For larger facilities, the royalty fee increases an additional $0.25 per square foot over 12,000 square feet.

    • What kind of experience is needed to run an Extra Innings Franchise Location?

      Our team members come from many backgrounds. Experience playing or coaching at the high school, collegiate, or professional level is helpful. However, if a franchisee lacks this type of background, he or she must be able to hire individuals with this baseball and softball experience. Although we would never dictate how a coach should teach, the terms they should use, or their particular philosophical beliefs we do offer ongoing training in these areas. The franchise company provides the program structure and techniques to maximize revenue with every lesson and clinic that your facility provides.

    • What services does an Extra Innings franchise location typically provide?

      Extra Innings Training Centers cover all the bases any player could need. Extra Innings offers its customers year-round indoor practice facilities, multi – use batting cages, professional instruction, strength and conditioning, and a fully-stocked Pro Shop all under the same roof.

      This winning franchise model is currently being made available to qualified individuals who are looking to provide these same services and opportunities to players across the country.

    • What type of ongoing support will I receive as an EI franchisee owner?

      As an Extra Innings franchisee, here is just some of the ongoing support you will receive to help grow your business:

      • Continued access to the "The Clubhouse," our company wide intranet training and communication site. Franchisees are able to tap into the knowledge and experience of the entire Extra Innings team, including all other franchisees and managers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are never alone in the batters box when you join our team.
      • Comprehensive e-mail marketing and social media system which promotes your facility's programs and special events. You benefit from our proven strategy developed and executed by advertising, internet and social media professionals.
      • Custom responsive website developed, maintained and optimized by contracted web & digital marketing professionals.
      • Access to a proprietary schedule manager software that will help streamline your business and enhance your facility's marketability through email and text reminders to your customers.
      • Continued marketing and public relations development provided by a contracted professional communications firm.
      • Ongoing training on how to take advantage of the Extra Innings buying power that enables you access to the Extra Innings approved vendors and distributors. This access includes unprecedented pricing and distribution programs made available to each franchisee on the Extra Innings team. These companies provide nationally recognized products and equipment for you to sell in your Pro Shop or use in your facility.
      • Approved vendor and distributor web training forums hosted on the "The Clubhouse". This training includes representatives from the nation's top baseball and softball manufacturers. Each one of these forums is designed to educate your employees about the exciting product they will be selling in your Pro Shop.
      • Assistance and analysis with ongoing administrative functions such as accounting, finance, inventory control, and insurance.
    • What type of operating support does EI Franchise provide to its franchisees?

      All Extra Innings franchisees receive unprecedented guidance and support from our franchise team starting the day you join the Team and continuing throughout the lifetime of your franchise agreement. Upon joining the team, you will receive unlimited access to our company intranet, “The Clubhouse.” Through The Clubhouse, franchisees gain access to the founders, EIFC management, staff, other franchise owners, and other members of the franchise team. For a complete description of the support and services we provide please complete our Scouting Report and we will schedule a call with you.

    • What type of pre-opening support will a new franchisee receive?

      All Extra Innings franchisees receive unprecedented guidance and support from our franchise team starting the day you join the team. As a new Extra Innings franchisee, here is just some of the pre-opening support you will receive leading up to your grand opening:

      • Facility selection and design assistance. Our Vice President of Franchise Development will personally guide you through the facility selection, lease approval and design processes to maximize your earning potential.
      • Assistance with pre-opening administrative functions such as accounting, finance, inventory control and insurance.
      • Interactive guide, including task timeline for opening.
      • Immediate access and training on "The Clubhouse," our company wide intranet training and communication site. Here you will be able to tap into the knowledge and experience of the entire Extra Innings team, including all other franchisees and managers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
      • Comprehensive pre-opening training program. This training covers all aspects of the business provided by the EIFC team. Others involved in the training include approved vendors, distributors, advertising start up and social media creation and guidance.
      • On-site pre-opening training and assistance provided at your facility prior to opening. A senior member of the EIFC Team will provide you and your staff with comprehensive daily training and guidance including important topics such as sales techniques, banking and other record keeping procedures, POS, Schedule Manager, Pro Shop training, customer relations and other marketing strategies just days before you open your doors.